About Hagedorn Racing Engines

Terry and wife Sheila stay very busy daily with running the farm, the Hagedorn Motorsports program, and Sheila works at USDA helping folks.  In the spring and summer they take to their passion as truck pullers and their two 4WD pulling trucks to compete on the national circuit. 

Terry also besides running Thompson Service Center (local auto repair facility) builds racing engines for customers all over the United States.

Terry Wins National Title

Terry Hagedorn Truck Pulling MotorsportsThe Optima Batteries Pro Modified Four Wheel Drive Truck class is a hotly fought for class on the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Tour and it in many cases delivers twenty or more competitors to the starting line. Whenever those twenty or so challengers play in a game in which inches determine a victor, the ability to repeat as champion is all the more difficult. Terry Hagedorn was able to take his Missouri-based “Untamed Spirit” back to the top of the class for 2014 and it was a huge battle until the last hook.

With only ten sessions of competition accessible to the Pro Mod Four Wheel Drive competitors, Hagedorn worked hard to stay on top of the class. That consistency throughout the season as well as three wins paid off as Terry managed to hold off a late season charge by Pete McKeeth and the “Jus’ Ruttin’” Silverado by seven points.

Hagedorn will once again be highlighted in Pro Pulling Magazine for his endeavour together with all of the points champions over the Champions Tour, TS Performance Silver Series, Prairie Brands Western Series, and Ag Protect 1 Mid West Region.

Terry and Sheila, have been competing in pro truck pulling since 1989.  In August 2011, Hagedorn competed in the Lucas Oil Indy Super Pull in Indianapolis, where he took first and third place wins, in his two power pulling trucks – Gun Powder and Lead and the Untamed Spirit.

Gunpowder & Lead Pulling Truck Hagedorn MotorsportsOther wins include the 2011 Lucas Oil Speedway, the 2006 championship trophy he won at the Grand Outlaw National Tractor and Truck Pull in Chickasha, Okla., and the Lucas Oil Championship three years ago. Terry and Shelia compete in the Speedco Modified 4x4 Trucks.

Terry has always liked motor sports, and finding a wife with the same passion, is definitely a plus. This year, the circuit carried them as far east as South Carolina; as far north as Wisconsin; and as far south as Texas. They have been to New York and even pulled up in Canada a few times.

Untamed Spirit Pulling Truck Lucas Oil Champion Hagedorn MotorsportsWhen Hagedorn isn't competing, he owns and operates Hagedorn Racing Engines, which has been in business since 1980.

Be sure and say hi if you happen to an event where they are pulling.  Just ask around for Terry "High Gear" Hagedorn.



It is my pleasure to right a letter of endorsement for Hagedorn Racing Engines.  My family and I have been involved in the Truck and Tractor Pulling circuit since the late 1970’s.  I got acquainted with Terry and Sheila Hagedorn through local events and competitions.  I found Terry to be a man of great knowledge as well as a fierce competitor.  Hagedorn’s were always the competitor to beat. 

I started doing business with Hagedorn Racing Engines in 2008 when Terry built the engine for my Hot Shot Pulling Truck.  I found Terry to be an amazing workman with great craftsmanship.  The products and services you get with Hagedorn is surpassed by none other.  You get a one-on-one personal service.  It’s pretty rare to actually get to talk to and communicate with the man building your motor, which is exactly the case with Terry Hagedorn. 

Hagedorn Racing Engines will customize your engine for your personal needs and the needs of your truck.  Nothing is “assembly-line” work with Terry.  Hagedorn tries to match your motor with your truck, the driver and what works best for each.  Every engine built is one-of-a-kind custom made, and built to customer specifications.  You will find no exact replica of it anywhere.

Terry Hagedorn also makes himself available for questions.  He always welcomes my phone calls with questions, information seeking or simply asking for advice.  
I personally appreciate Hagedorn Racing Engines, they are a great competitor and a great family to work with.

The Hagedorn engine in my Hot Shot pulling truck took points championship with Outlaws in 2009 and again with the X-Caliber Association in 2013.  

Ryan and Bob Gooden