Dirt Track Racing Engines

Dirt Track Racing EnginesAt Hagedorn Racing Engines our dirt track line of engines are unique in that are engines don't use off the shelf camshafts or header combos.

Lets face it 8 out of 10 engines in your class whether it be an A Mod, B Mod, Sportsman, Late Model or Winged Sprint have the same parts in them, so if your engine builder can't offer you something different you will have to learn how to drive their motor!

At H.R.E. our customers tell us how they want to drive, where, and how hard they want the motor to accelerate.  It is our job to make that happen. With our knowledge of camshaft design and header configurations we can match any motor to any driver and put you in the winners circle!

On winged sprint engines, our expertise in injection systems will make your engine feel and drive like no other out there, and Hagedorn Racing Engines does that by using custom fuel nozzle's that have highest atomization rate on the market!

H.R.E. will also give you detailed info. on how to tune your engine for all types of weather conditions so that your motor runs the same in all weather conditions.

So if you're tired of the cookie cutter approach to your dirt track engine give us a call and let us put you in the Winner's Circle!!

We specialize in high performance engines and rebuilds for: