Drag Racingdrag racing engine

At Hagedorn Racing Engines, our line of Drag Racing Engines includes a wide range of combo's:

  • Small block's from 355 cu.in. to 434 cu.in
  • Big block combo's from 427 cu.in. to 800 cu.in

All combo's in carbureted or injected versions, wet or dry sump oiling systems, blown or non-blown versions.

At Hagedorn Racing Engines our goal is to provide you with the exact engine that fits your racing requirements.  Most customers have an idea of what they want for a motor but it is our job to make sure that what you have in mind is going to do what you want. 

A lot of factors go into providing a drag race engine that will work in your application.  Weight of car it's going into, for example a 355 small block is not going to work very well in a 4500 pound stock trim vehicle.

In order to get you to your goal we will need a very long list of info from you:

  • Weight of car
  • Type of transmission
  • Stall speed of converter
  • Gear ratios of transmission
  • Gear ratio of rear axle
  • Type of fuel
  • Carbureted or fuel injected
  • Are you wanting power enhancers NOS, turbo or blower
  • Are you running 1/4 or 1/8 mile
  • Tire limits
  • Suspension type
  • Size of headers
  • Are you running trans brake
  • How fast is your target speed
  • And last of all what’s your budget

After answering all of these questions we can give you the exact motor that will do what you want round after round, with dead on consistency that is required to put you in the winner circle!

We specialize in high performance engines and rebuilds for:

So whether you are looking to bracket race you 355 small block or class or grudge race your 200 mph big block mountain motor, Hagedorn Racing Engines can make it happen!