Boat Motors

high performance boat motor engineAt Hagedorn Racing Engines our boat motor program is set up to produce massive amounts of torque!

Boat motors are unique in that they have many unusual requirements that street motors don't have to deal with. 

- One problem is that they are under constant load from being in the water from idle to wide open.

- Second problem is rpm requirements, they need to idle below 750 rpm so they will go in and out of gear easily, and most engines, do to out drive restraints never hit 6000 RPM on the top side .

- Third problem is valve overlap on camshaft design so that water is not pulled into motor from the exhaust system.

- Last of all most boat owners want to run their weekend warrior on low quality pump gas.

boat engine racingWith all this being said, our experience building high torque pulling motors and custom camshaft design department gives Hagedorn Racing Engines the edge. 

We have know-how to design, build, and deliver a high output boat motor that will handle all your needs and produce all the power your out drive will handle -- while giving trouble free service for years to come!



So if you're thinking of refitting that weekend warrior with a new power plant or your buddy just blows your doors off at the lake, give us a call for a great sounding high output 540 ,572 or 648 all of which can be bought in blown or non-blown versions.

We specialize in high performance engines and rebuilds for: