Custom Parts & Accessories

throttle bodiesCustom Billet Throttle Bodies

Custom billet throttle bodies with 5 1/4" stainless throttle plates.

Throttle bodies are designed with Holley 4500 bolt pattern 

5 1/4" Throttle Plates



throttle plate high performanceExtra Thick Throttle Plates to protect from backfire bending.






billet air cleanersCustom Billet Air Cleaner Assemblies

Made to order for your application




fuel injection nozzlesCustom Fuel Injection Nozzles

Highest atomization rate on the market.






custom fuel pump drive plates 1 inch raisedFuel Pump Drive Plates

Standard cam location to 1" raised.


oil primer 12 voltElectric 12 Volt Engine Oil Primers

Never forget to put your drive belt on again.

Prime your motor any time from the driver's seat!




custom chrome moly tube framesCustom Built Chrome Moly Tube

Frames for 4X4 Pullers

Be a winner right off the trailer with one of our digital scaled frames.

Tired of your truck bouncing and hopping?  Smoother truck = less broken parts and more wins!

Dana 80 Custom Wheel Spacers

Custom wheel spacers for Dana 80 rear axle.   They allow you to move rear wheels In closer to frame to stop axle flex.  These spacers are for dual rear wheel set up








We have been pulling since 1998 and met Terry in 1999 when we had questions due to being new pullers. We needed to know how to set our fuel so we pulled a plug out after our run. One of our competitors said to take it to Terry Hagedorn he will help. When we took the plug to Terry he read it and told us how to adjust our fuel. We have been going to Terry for the last 15 years. He has helped us set up our fuel at the track, set our truck up, build our frame, refresh our motor each year and build our motor bigger and better. He has also, helped set up our clutch, rear end, front end, tire pressure, and assist us in choosing just the right gear to run on the different tracks. There has been many phone calls over the years late at night with, "What do we need to do?" Terry replies "Well," and fixes the issue at hand over the phone. Terry has lead us to championships over the years. He keeps his phone close after every pull and is excited to hear how we finished. We have been very pleased with the vast knowledge of our motor builder and would highly recommend Terry in any motorsports arena.

Bobby and Jodi Crawford - True Grit