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Dart powder coated intake with 4500 flange for dart 18 degree heads






5 stage moroso dry sump oil pump



Set sheet metal valve covers for big chief style heads



Crank triger for chevy






Set of 2.5 primary and 5" collector pulling headers







MSD timing controls and rpm switches






Enderle Bird injector with barrel valve and dist. block and lines








ATI balancers for BBC






Brodix valve covers for BBC






HVC coil






648 Brodix 10.7 deck block with 12 degree heads custom down nozzels 1450 HP ready to go






4 gallon dry sump tank






MSD 7500 dual coil 10  







Enderle 990 pump






9 new Trend QS 12.976 .1879-3- vcup oal push rods {chevy Hemi}






12 new Trend QS 11.400  .1879-3-.3125 rad cup push rods {chevy Hemi}





It is my pleasure to right a letter of endorsement for Hagedorn Racing Engines.  My family and I have been involved in the Truck and Tractor Pulling circuit since the late 1970’s.  I got acquainted with Terry and Sheila Hagedorn through local events and competitions.  I found Terry to be a man of great knowledge as well as a fierce competitor.  Hagedorn’s were always the competitor to beat. 

I started doing business with Hagedorn Racing Engines in 2008 when Terry built the engine for my Hot Shot Pulling Truck.  I found Terry to be an amazing workman with great craftsmanship.  The products and services you get with Hagedorn is surpassed by none other.  You get a one-on-one personal service.  It’s pretty rare to actually get to talk to and communicate with the man building your motor, which is exactly the case with Terry Hagedorn. 

Hagedorn Racing Engines will customize your engine for your personal needs and the needs of your truck.  Nothing is “assembly-line” work with Terry.  Hagedorn tries to match your motor with your truck, the driver and what works best for each.  Every engine built is one-of-a-kind custom made, and built to customer specifications.  You will find no exact replica of it anywhere.

Terry Hagedorn also makes himself available for questions.  He always welcomes my phone calls with questions, information seeking or simply asking for advice.  
I personally appreciate Hagedorn Racing Engines, they are a great competitor and a great family to work with.

The Hagedorn engine in my Hot Shot pulling truck took points championship with Outlaws in 2009 and again with the X-Caliber Association in 2013.  

Ryan and Bob Gooden