Welcome to Hagedorn Racing Engines.

Terry Hagedorn – Owner
Thompson, MO

Home of Hagedorn Motorsports – Terry and his wife Sheila can be found on the national 4WD pulling circuits every year.

We build the "baddest" performance engines around for many racing, street, and marine applications!

From all out race engines for drag racing, truck or tractor pulling, dirt track racing, performance boat engines to ground pounding pump gas motors for your street car, we have you covered.

Your Next High Performance Engineracing engine builder performance truck pulling

At Hagedorn Racing Engines you will get one on one personal attention on every engine we build. We take great pride in our attention to detail. 

Each engine is specifically built for the customer's particular needs by matching the engine to your driving requirements to specifications like fuel requirements, driving style, weight of the vehicle, transmission type, gearing, and RPM requirements.

One thing we don't do at Hagedorn Racing Engines is build low cost cookie cutter generic engines just to try and compete with low cost Internet engine builders.  If that is what you are looking for - you are at the wrong shop. 

If you are looking to win a championship or have a dependable street engine for your muscle car that will last for years to come, we can make it happen!


We take great pride in every engine we build…
with attention to detail and personal one on one service.




Our New Fabrication Shop

Our new fab shop up and running ,taking appointments, filling up fast,call and book your car or truck

 I found Terry to be an amazing workman with great craftsmanship.  The products and services you get with Hagedorn is surpassed by none other.  It’s pretty rare to actually get to talk to and communicate with the man building your motor, which is exactly the case with Terry Hagedorn.  He always welcomes my phone calls with questions, information seeking or simply asking for advice.  I personally appreciate Hagedorn Racing Engines, they are a great competitor and a great family to work with.


Ryan and Bob Gooden