Muscle Car Engines

muscle car enginesWhen it comes to muscle cars Hagedorn Racing Engines can handle all your needs, whether it be a rebuild of a numbers matching motor that needs to be balanced and blue printed and fully optimized or a total new build 540 cu. in. or larger pump gas motor for your Camaro, Nova, Chevelle or Mustang.

Most of our customers like our in-house "dyno" service where they can document and video there dream engine, have it broke in, dialed in and checked for leaks so when it comes off the "dyno" it's ready to drop in your car worry free!

So before you buy a crate motor or a cookie cutter motor off the internet check us out for a custom built engine for your ride that matches what you want to do with it.

Before H.R.E. can build your dream engine this is a list of info that is required from you to get you the correct engine for the job it will be required to do.

1-Size of engine required & horse power level
2-Weight of car it will be installed in
3-Cruise RPM
4-Max RPM
5-Type of fuel you wish to run
6-Type of transmission and or stall speed of converter
7-Do you have power brakes or AC
8-How often you drive and how  far
9- How much maintenance you are willing or able to do
10-Whats your budget for engine being built
11-What type of idle quality you what
12-Size of Exhaust system you can run on your vehicle

These 12 questions assures our customers that they are getting just what they are looking for and will be totally satisfied with the end result!

We specialize in high performance engines and rebuilds for: