Pro Street Car Engines

Pro Street Car EnginesAt Hagedorn Racing Engines, pro-street is one of our most enjoyable engine lines to build.

Everyone knows pro street is all about ground pounding raw horsepower, and most of the time these engines will be running on 92 octane pump gas, and installed in a street trim race car.

With today's technology it is very exciting to build these motors, from 355 small blocks equipped with an 871 blower, 540 twin turbo, pro charger, or just a nasty 700 cu. in. 12 degree big block making 1400 H.P.  This class of engine is only limited to your budget, and or your imagination!

At Hagedorn Racing Engines it is our job to direct you the customer into the motor combo that will fit your budget and perform up to your expectation on the street or track with the least amount of maintenance you are willing to do and still be dependable.



So when you're ready to build the nastiest sounding, tire smoking 1000 H.P. plus pump gas motor you can handle give us a call and H.R.E. can make that project a reality !!

We specialize in high performance engines and rebuilds for: