Truck & Tractor Pulling Engines

tractor pulling engine service shop machineWhether you are looking to power your 4 engine Mod Tractor, Blown 2 wheel drive, Modified 4 wheel drive, single carbureted super stock or street stock, Hagedorn Racing Engines has you covered.

With over 25 year's experience in the pulling world, and well over 100 wins, H.R.E. can put that experience to work for you!

Our knowledge with motor combos & chassis setup can put you in the winners circle, and most of the time we can help our customers over the phone while you are at the track!

So bottom line do you want your pulling engine built by someone that doesn't even know what the sport is about, or some one that competes in the sport, has well over 100 wins and 6 national titles?

truck pulling engines

Don't waste your time and hard earned cash with an engine builder that doesn't know what it takes to win!

We specialize in high performance engines and rebuilds for: